Why CraneMe?

CraneMe is an aspiring nonprofit organization focused on providing aspiring entrepreneurs in developing countries with the necessary resources to stimulate a sustainable economic environment through the formation of businesses

What led to the birth of CraneMe?

 In late-December 2014, Mouhamed Ndoye was in Canada to celebrate the New Year at Amadou Ndoye’s home in Montreal. After having a conversation on the eve of the New Year, Amadou & Mouhamed realized that there are many frustrations associated with the dependency model created between immigrants sending money back home & their family members. Ironically, good intentions had resulted in an unintentional dependency model. What would happen if, God forbid, the immigrant lost his or her job? Would that ruin the financial situations for two different households? Due to the concerns stated above, a system to empower natives was necessary.

Shortly after midnight on January 1 (2015), CraneMe was born.

How does CraneMe work?

Beginning in January 2016, CraneMe will select aspiring entrepreneurs residing in developing countries to participate in a CraneMe business program to be held every few months. The inaugural CraneMe business program will start in Dakar, Senegal (West Africa). Throughout the program, aspiring entrepreneurs will be connected with mentors, educational sessions, & other resources to create a business.

Members of the CraneMe team will review every aspiring entrepreneur application to ensure that applicants are appropriate for the CraneMe business program.

Every CraneMe business program will begin with a weeklong orientation.



What does ‘CraneMe’ mean? 

In many cultures, the crane (bird) symbolizes longevity and loyalty. Secondly, in 1955, Sadako Sasaki attempted to create one-thousand paper cranes after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. According to Japanese legend, anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes will be granted one wish by a crane. Lastly, a good indicator of a city’s economic progress is the presence of mechanical cranes.

Why are funds provided to aspiring entrepreneurs as interest-free loans?

Research indicates that aspiring entrepreneurs are more likely to take ownership in their businesses if they are held financially-accountable. Additionally, repayment of interest-free loans help support local CraneMe community centers & CraneMe initiatives within the country served.

How do aspiring entrepreneurs apply?

Any aspiring entrepreneur living within an area served by a CraneMe Community Center is welcome to apply for a CraneMe business program.

What is a CraneMe mentor?

As a CraneMe mentor, you will participate in the weeklong orientation for the CraneMe business program designed for aspiring entrepreneurs. During the orientation, you will engage & communicate with aspiring entrepreneurs through one-on-ones, group activities, etc.

How do I become a CraneMe mentor?

Please apply to become a CraneMe mentor here!

When is the inaugural CraneMe business program? 

The inaugural CraneMe business program will begin in January 2016 in Senegal.

What is a CraneMe Community Center? 

In every developing country touched by CraneMe, a CraneMe Community Center (CCC) will be established to serve as a resource for aspiring entrepreneurs during their enrollment in the CraneMe business program. The centers will be equipped with following:

  • Access to mentors-in-residence
  • Computer labs & printers
  • Collaborative discussions to exchange ideas
  • Libraries for research
  • Storage facilities

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